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Discover the important role plants provide to your hotel property, and how Plant Interscapes can deliver a consistent visual experience, that strengthens your brand image and enhances the guest experience at your property.


We know the hospitality industry has a very small window of opportunity to impress their guests by creating memorable experiences that keep them coming back—and understand our critical role as stewards of your stage.  Allow us to help you improve the performance of your hotel by incorporating elements of the natural environment into the overall experience of your space.

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The fact is—guests, occupants and patrons spend more time in spaces that are comfortable, natural and welcoming.  We know lush live plants and nature-derived design elements are a cost-effective way to connect our interior spaces with our internal desire for the outdoors.


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We are so confident that your property will benefit from our biophilic design strategies that we want to invest in your property by extending our deepest incentives and exclusive discounts.  Now that is HOSPITALITY at its finest!


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