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Over the years, the WELL logo has become symbolic of commitment to people-first environments. Whether it's the WELL Certification or the Works with WELL license, significant dedication to people’s well-being and health is required to be acknowledged by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). After stringent evaluation, we are proud to say that we have been given approval to use the Works with WELL trademark alongside our plants.

Works With WELL logo

Our Commitment to do WELL

Our desire to contribute to better built environments is what led us to seek the Works with WELL trademark license. From our beginning, Natura has been committed to enhancing the spaces people live and work in. We exist to see people THRIVE, and by aligning with the IWBI and earning a Works with WELL license, we were able to turn our commitment into something tangible. Our work doesn't stop here, we hope to continue to positively impact built environments across the country with the power of plants.
Natura Indoor plants

The WELL Building Standards

The core of the WELL standard is the idea that indoor environments should be built with the people who use them in mind. Their certification honors companies who have taken this mentality to heart and applied it to their spaces. Through extensive research, WELL has been able to create a comprehensive standard for what people need in order to thrive. Their certification covers a variety of aspects, including people’s desire to connect with and be around nature.

One major component of the IWBI’s work is the certification. However, they also offer their trademark to suppliers who align with their mission. This trademark is called "Works with Well". Once a company receives this trademark license, they must renew it every year to ensure that their business is still aligned with WELL's goals. Receiving this license is a difficult task, but Natura is now a proud partner of WELL.

How Plants are WELL

The Well Certification standards consist of 10 main concepts. Our work addresses Mind. Plants are well known for their restorative effects and a deepened connection with nature can do wonders for your mental health. Plants have such a positive impact on the well-being of those who share spaces with them that they are specifically addressed in WELL’s standards for mental wellness. In fact, one of the preconditions for a WELL certification is that natural elements are incorporated into the space being evaluated.

Learn more about WELL’s standards for the integration of plants and other Natural elements below:

  • Nature and Place (M02): As a precondition for the WELL certification, a project must have plants integrated throughout a variety of common spaces, including but not limited to conference rooms, seating areas, high-traffic walkways, and even some workstations.
  • Restorative Spaces (M07): One of the components mentioned for a Restorative Space is the presence of natural elements in an accessible, non-workspace. 
  • Enhanced Access to Nature (M09): This standard is broken up into two parts. The first requires that at least 75% of workstations and seats have either a direct line of sight to a natural feature or are within 33 ft of a natural feature. The second states that a project must have access to an outdoor area or green space that is accessible to all occupants.

How can we Work WELL for you?

Companies are being held to higher standards than ever before when potential employees are evaluating where they want to work. One of the things they consider is the environment they would be working in. Our team can help you on your way to creating a welcoming environment that promotes wellness and health. Not only will this help you with retention and recruitment, but the impact of plants and an environment that promotes overall wellness can have a positive impact on your team in a variety of other ways. On top of making your space more appealing to potential employees and clients, office plants can also decrease fatigue and stress while increasing productivity.

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The Stats

You don't have to take our word for it, Green Plants for Green Building (GPGB) has done extensive research on the topic and found that when plants were added to the office: 

  • Employees reported 37% less tension and anxiety.
  • Fatigue was reduced by up to 38% in some workplaces.
  • Scores for creativity and productivity increased 15%

Other sources, Including Professor Lenord Perry from the University of Vermont, found that plants can: 

  • Decrease stress by up to 12%
  • Reduce Absenteeism by 14%

Want to know more about how plants can positively impact your environment? Read more below:

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Works with WELL trademark apply to?

The Works with WELL trademark doesn’t apply to one specific product. Almost all of our services are now associated with the Works with WELL trademark. The only products we have that will not be associated with WELL are our moss walls.

Can residential spaces benefit from Natura's Works With WELL initiative?

Of course! Any and every space can benefit from having plants added to them. While WELL is commonly associated with corporate spaces, it’s important to both WELL and us that we are helping people in all built environments thrive.

How will the Works with WELL trademark influence services?

Rather than changing our services, it is a certification that our services  are in line with the mission and goals of the IWBI. The Works with WELL trademark is more so an endorsement of the wellness benefits our plants can bring to your office.

What can I do to bring Natura plants into my space/project?

The process is easy. You’ll want to fill out this form. After our team has received it, a member of our design and sales team will be in touch to schedule a call and/or site visit to assess your team’s needs and come up with a custom plan for your space.

Do you have any budget friendly offerings for smaller business?

Yes! We have options for businesses of every size. Most of our packages are also customizable which means we can help you find the perfect match your space.

Ready to do WELL?

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