Welcome to work/WELL

we create safe & healthy workplaces to help businesses protect the well-being of their people, by ensuring confidence & trust in their environment.

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create confidence

in the safety of your ENVIRONMENT, the health of your PEOPLE and build TRUST to move forward TOGETHER

the office is here to stay–

And with these places thriving in new ways, it is critical that we prioritize elevated safety protocols to provide assurance & confidence to our employees, visitors and guests.

Awareness of how our buildings influence our health and well-being has rapidly changed. Leveraging a healthy environment is not just pivotal to achieving business objectives, but now critical to ensuring a relevant and sustainable future for our commercial spaces.

let's boost it's defenses.

Provide assurance & build trust in this time of uncertainty.

The smooth and controlled flow of people in and out of buildings, enhanced surface disinfection of the spaces where people share tasks, and indoor air quality controls, all contribute to delivering the optimal environment for health, safety, and well-being for our occupants.


Healthy Workplace Solutions


Surface Disinfection

recurring treatments starting @ $0.045/sq. ft.


Air Purification

Starting @ $150/mo.


Thermal Check-in Kiosks

Automate Safety for $190/mo


Biophilic Green Screening

starting @ $69/mo

BOOST your buildings defenses & create a confident COMEBACK.


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